The curved shape needs to be cut to size and profiled. To cut it to length on the table saw requires a specially constructed jig for each new shape.
  • Enrico trimming table-blank ends.
  • Enrico using a hand planer.
    Large solid wood shapes often require a lot of hand tool work. The pedestal base for a dining table is being shaped and smoothed with hand planes.
  • Enrico cutting curved carcase ends.
  • Enrico stands on a table while working.
    On the larger shapes, hand tools often need to be used as well. This dining table base is too thick for the jigsaw, so a Japanese hand saw is being used to cut its profile.
  • A close up of Enrico's hands, one bandaged, as he planes some wood.
    Coopered pieces need to have the flats shaped on both the inside and outside so that a smooth curved surface is achieved. In this case a compass plane is being used.
  • Close up of a woodworking tool lying in a bed of curled wood shavings.

For more information on studio furniture, see the Furniture Society ( Enrico has been a member of the Furniture Society since 2000.